Monday, August 23, 2010

Post 1338 - A Special Thanks

I meant to acknowledge this last week, when I was back in town, but life got away from me, so I'll do it now.

During the last few weeks, the local vlog mentioned Bevboy's Blog.  Thousands of people check it out every day.  To be mentioned there on feels really good, and almost makes me forgive the Downtown Halifax Development Corporation for not giving me the 100 dollar giftcard that they gave other local bloggers to spend in the downtown area.


The guy talking is a friend of mine.  I guess I shouldn't get into how I know him as we have to maintain a bit of mystery here at Bevboy's Blog.  Craigness has his own life, as I have mine, and we need to keep that mystery alive.  I mean, how many times have I given out my last name here, over the past 1338 posts?  Literally, how many times?

You get my point.

Thanks again, Craig, for mentioning this here silly blog.

You'll find the mention in the following link.


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