Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post 1343 - A Good Purchase

Another long day. Up early. Discovered my cable box seems to be toast. Drove to the Valley. Bought a dehumidifier for my mother's basement. Installed it. Took Mom and Patricia to the Port Pub for lunch. Took them shopping for the balance of the afternoon.

Washed the dishes tonight. Going to bed shortly, but not until I clean the coffee maker.

A Bevboy's work is never done.

Turns out Greasy Gary has some fans in Baltimore. We played the video of Gary teaching me to speak as Greasy Gary, and James and Becky, our American cottage neighbours, loved it. James got Patricia to do the voice in my absence last week. It has resonated with them.

James would like to take this show on the road as people in East Baltimore have an interesting way of speaking as well. I will ask Gary what he thinks of this idea. It might be fun.

Yeah, a Bevboy's work is never done.

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