Monday, August 30, 2010

Post 1345 - Tomorrow!

I'm excited, because I'm interviewing a radio person Tuesday night after work.

I have only conducted 2 interviews since my father died in May.  Colin and Kate was published just before I began my vacation.  During vacation, I interviewed our cottage neighbours, for 4 hours.  That will be a magnum opus interview, even if I edit it more than I normally do. 

The interview on Tuesday will be with someone from Z103.5, the Beat of Halifax.  I must say that the people at that station have been very kind to me.  Rob Johnson, Jeff Cogswell and Nikki Balch have all been interview subjects on this here silly blog.  Tomorrow, it will be with someone else. 

I am looking forward to sharing this interview with you as well.

And, I've been walking around with another interview I conducted nearly a year ago.  I feel guilty about not having done more with it, but it's a challenge I will explain at a later time.

Nothing much more to add.  I had a burrito for lunch today, and my fear was that I might stink up the joint on account of the presence of beans in my food product.  I work with a deaf guy (hi, Elliott), and I like to think that his other senses more than make up for his lack of hearing.  I'm sensitive to that to the point where I try not to eat anything untoward around him in case it offends one of his other senses that he has to rely on in order to survive in this crazy world. 
I hope he reads this on Tuesdays, when he's back to work, and sets me on the straight and narrow, or confirms my suspicion that his remaining senses are hypersensitive and my decision not to eat a burrito around him was a sound one.

I mean, I'm just trying to be a team player here.



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