Friday, September 3, 2010

Post 1349 - ATV Hillbillies

Here at Casa Bevboy on the night before Hurricane Earl touches down.  Patricia is at the cottage with my mother.  Would that I could be there with them right now, but I had to work today.  I have decided it would be better to remain here at the house until the storm subsides enough for me to drive up there.

Weary readers will recall that we have a neighbour up there, a misanthropic guy named... well, maybe I shouldn't get into that right now.

This... man ... owns an All Terrain vehicle, one of those devices that enthusiasts drive all over the place with the kind of impunity and sense of entitlement that bewilders and confounds a thinking person.  The ATV lobby groups, and they are legion, will argue that the vast majority of their ilk do no harm to the environment and respect private property.

I will be charitable on this Friday evening and accept these people at their word. That doesn't change the fact that there are an awful lot of ATV yahoos, dumbasses, missing links, hillbillies, who care not one whit for private property, or the rule of law.  They are too stupid, too uncaring, too oblivious to the rights and needs of others, to recognize that maybe they're in the wrong.

Which brings me to our cottage neighour.

We have sicced the law on him more than once.  He no longer rides his ATV across our property.  He seemingly doesn't let people borrow his ATV for the purposes of trespassing on our property.  But he is now walking across our property whenever he wants. 

Yesterday, he and his shrew wife and a neigbhour's equally shrewish wife, and a big fat roly poly tub of crap, walked across our property, and then jumped the fence over to property owned by American neighours who returned to the States a week ago.  They wandered around on that property before slithering across ours again and going back to theirs.  This apparently happens quite frequently.

When I go down to the cottage this weekend, I will speak to these people.  They won't understand me, of course.  They only understand grunts and snorts and other animal noises.  They are subhuman, illiterate, cousin-dating, toothless cretins, so stupid they would make a dodo bird look like an expert in particle physics.  Explaining private property rights to these people would be like explaining the meaning of God to a steering wheel.

But, I will try anyway.

I have always enjoyed a challenge.

Sweetly, I remain,


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