Saturday, September 4, 2010

Post 1351 - Cool Radio Bit

This is a neat one, if you're into Halifax radio.  And, you know I am!

There is a website sponsored by the Nova Scotia Archives which digitizes and presents for your reading pleasure, hundreds of old NS-published newspapers.  These go back to the 1750's.

My fave one is the 4th Estate, which was an alternative newspaper published between 1969 and 1977.  Several NS writers got their big break there, and Bevboy's blog interviewee Frank Cameron once wrote a column for them.

I was browsing the May 15th, 1969 edition of the 4th Estate just now when I found this article by Bill Ozard, who was just leaving Phone Forum on CJCH.  I hadn't known that the program wasn't always called The Hotline.  It's interesting to know that it once had a different name.  I wonder when it became known as the Hotline?  I know it was called that when I listened to CJ during the 1980's until it was canceled for the first time in '89.  Upon its revival on March 6, 1995, the program name was revived as well, and kept that name until it was finally canceled in May of 2008. 

Anyway, I hope this link works.  Bill Ozard on hosting an open line radio show!

Who took over "Phone Forum" from Ozard?  When did it become The Hotline?  These are mysteries I will solve, ladies and gentlemen.  Just give me time.

I love you.  You know that, don't you?


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