Sunday, September 5, 2010

Post 1352 - Finally!

I finally drove to the cottage this morning. I rendezvoused with Mom and Patricia in the town of Pictou, where they had had lunch.

The power went out here yesterday and remained out until nearly 5pm. We cooked dinner on the barbecue. A lot of meat! Grr! Meat! Good! Hulk smash!

We haven't seen our friendly neighbours, the ones who delight in trespassing on our property. I'm told to let this go, but I don't know how. In Nova Scotia, if you own a piece of property that includes a lake, people have a right to access that body of water. Imagine that!


It's the long weekend. I want to try to enjoy it. "Machen Sie keine Sorgen".

As Patricia watch old episodes of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Chick", I close off this post and return to my book.

Good night, dear readers!

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