Friday, September 10, 2010

Post 1357 - It's Just The Beginning

I drove to the valley this morning for the weekend.  Already, I am exhausted. 

I met with Patricia early at the Al Whittle Theatre for coffee.  Afterward, I went to my mother's.  The errand running soon began, what with estate work, lunch meetings, meetings with accountants, a second trip to Wolfville, and so much more.  By 3pm, I had to close my eyes for a spell. 

I write these words from the Port Williams library.  It will  be the only break I have prior to returning to my mother's to wash her dishes.   I am looking forward to doing them, that's for sure.

My digital cable is totally screwed.  I've been unable to watch any of the cool shows for a couple of weeks now.  Great fun, paying this premium money and being unable to enjoy any of it.  I think it's a conspiracy. 

Tomorrow, my mother will have rested up and be ready for me to take her shopping for a minimum of 12 hours.   She will put me 6 feet under any day now.  Will take my vitamin b shots before we take off.

Time to think about returning to Mom's.  Dishpan hands, here I come!


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