Sunday, September 12, 2010

Post 1359 - Back In The City (And This Time It's Personal!)

Another weekend fixing the world's problems, or at least my mother's.  Yay!

Back in the city.  Yay!

Eating fresh tomatoes from Leonard and Rebecca.  Yay!

Eating the frozen pizzas Mom didn't want any more.  Not yay! 

Transcribing another audio file in the M.E. interview.  Yay!

One more to go!  Yay!

Hope to finish the whole thing Monday night.  Yay!

Sleep deprived.  Not Yay!

Wondering what energizes my mother's Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman fetish.  Yay!

Wearing out my K-Rock 89.3 hat.  Yay! (Because I love wearing it so much)

Looking forward to listening to Cub Carson on Live 105.  Yay!

Dealing with issues surrounding Dad's estate.  Not yay!

So, that's:  9 yays. 

3 not yays. 

Pretty good ratio.

Have a good week, everybody.


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