Monday, September 13, 2010

Post 1361 - Two New Toys

Got two new toys today.  Let me tell you about them.

I'm on call at work, and have a need to log on to work from home and do stuff.  Usually, I use a desktop computer, either this one (the one I got for 50 bucks during the Winter), or the HP desktop I bought new in 2009.  A special occasion a few months ago was when I was at a coffee shop with my netbook and my work called, and I had to spring into action.  I logged on to work with my  netbook, the one with the 7" screen.  Not the best experience, but it worked.

Well, now I have a new work-bequeathed laptop. 

It's really nice.  It has 8gb of ram.  128gb ssd.  14" screen.  It's fast.  Frickin' fast.  I love it.  I will make good use of it for the next few years.

You'll remember that my digital cable has been fracked for a few weeks now.  I could watch no channels through that box whatsoever.

Ryan dropped by from Eastlink today and found a few problems with the signal and fixed them.  He then pronounced the cable box to be toast, with the tuner no longer working.  He swapped out that cable box with a brand-new one, and now it works perfectly, and is super fast as well. 

Two new toys.  Two things Patricia doesn't give a crap out, but which I do.  I love my new laptop.  I love my new cable box. 

And, to put icing on the cake, I found out today that Turner Classic Movies has now been added to my cable line up, and is free until the end of October.  I've been wanting that channel for a long time, and now I have it.

And, to put a cherry on the icing for the cake: I get a very healthy credit from the cable company for my inconvenience over the cable issues. 

A pretty good day, over all.

How was yours?


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