Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post 1362 - A Sense of Accomplishment

I finished transcribing the M.E. interview.  Feels good to get that over.  I still have to transcribe the interview with our cottage neighbours.  That is a 4 hour magnum opus that will take me a very long time to transcribe. 

Very little else to report here.  I got home.  Trish made a delish fish dish that forced me to go for seconds.  And I came down here to transcribe the last 4 minutes of the M.E. interview. 

Do I live a boring life or what?

Say, Toastmasters starts up tomorrow night.  I haven't been to a meeting in a few months.  I miss it.  

That's it for tonight, everyone. 

See you tomorrow with my first TM report of the season.


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