Friday, September 17, 2010

Post 1365 - Fall Cleaning

I sit here at the Port Williams library on a Friday night, tapping away at my netbook, and thinking about you. 

I guess I could have shown off and brought my new laptop, but I've only had it for a few days and, honestly, all I want to do is write this blog post and maybe surf a little before returning to Mom's for the night.

Early this morning I got up and drove to a nearby hardware store to get some things necessary to the house.  We were looking for some WD-40-type stuff a couple of weeks ago and could only find some Liquid Wrench, which is arguably better than WD-40.  One partial can!  I know that I bought Dad several big cans of WD-40 just a couple of years ago.  Frig knows what happened to them.  I don't think he bathed in the stuff, and I don't think he was extravagant with it, either, but only that one can of Liquid Wrench was findable that morning.  So, today, I picked up several cans of LW and a couple cans of the in-store product that does the same as WD-40.  Considering I'm probably the only one who will use them, they should last for years.  I may purchase a small caddy to keep those things on, in Dad's old workshop. 

Mom had a doctor's appointment this morning, and I took her.  None of your business what we talked about, but we grabbed some lunch after that and then went to the bank and the drug store before returning to Mom's. 

I will be preparing for the annual Annapolis Valley Fall Clean up over the next week or two here.  You're allowed to throw out up to 20 items, twice a year.  I'll be downstairs in the basement sorting through what to keep and what to toss, on Saturday and Sunday.   Dad left behind some things that nobody needs to hang on to, so out they're going. 

I had a decent nap this afternoon and feel energized now.  I could go on for hours and hours, unless I watch another episode of this season's Apprentice.  Endured 2 hours of that show last night.  Inside that bloated carcass was a good 1 hour show struggling to get out.   I hope it isn't on for 2 hours every week!

I got my first fan phone call last evening.  at just about this time.   I was just heading out the door to drive here when my phone rang.  Patricia answered and passed it to me.  It was a guy named Paul, who asked if I was the blogger.  I replied, warily, that I was.  He then proceeded to say nice things to me about the  blog, and to tell me how much he was enjoying the interviews!  That felt nice.  Thank you, Paul.

And, this morning, I got a FB message from a local radio person who wrote to tell me how much she enjoyed the Megan Edwards interview.  I wrote back to thank her and to ask her if she'd be interested in doing an interview.  She replied in the affirmative.  I asked her to check her schedule and get back to me with a block of time she could spare.  I know she's a mom so that time will be hard to come by, but I look forward to that day.

Megan is getting lots of good feedback from her friends as well. 

It feels really good to be able to get some positive vibes from these interviews.  All too often, I get the impression that they're done for my benefit and the benefit of the subject, and that we're the only two who read them.   I haven't gone viral yet, but perhaps I will some day.  I look forward to that day as well.

Not much else to say this evening.  Guess I'll call it a night. 

It's a night. 

Ha ha.  I got a million of them.

Have a good one.


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