Sunday, September 26, 2010

Post 1376- An Alternative to WLW?

I've been using a package called Windows Live Writer for the really long blog posts for some time now.  It ensures a consistent layout to the posts. 

The problem is the "Windows" part.  The more  I use Windows, the less I like it. 

The more I use linux, the more I like it.  It still has some features I haven't figured out yet, but by and large, linux makes me happy.  I pretty much can't or shouldn't put linux on my new laptop, but I'd love to put it on my main desktop.  One of the few things keeping me from doing so is that I can't find a really nice blog posting tool in linux. 

I've tried several blog posting tools, but haven't found anything approaching the quality of WLW.  This latest one is callled Blog Entry Poster.  It seems a light light in the features department, but I'll use it on a couple of linux machines for a couple of days and see it's like.

I know you don't care about this.  I'm not sure I do, either. 

Spent the weekend in the Valley with my mother and Patricia.  We went to the finale of the Deep Roots Festival in Wolfville today.  It was a nearly 4 hour show for $24.  A bit of quick math reveals that it works out to $17 an hour.  Pretty good value.

I'll be there again next weekend too, to do  some stuff that would bore you and not excite me much either. 

Time for bed.  Long day tomorrow.


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