Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post 1378 – Meeting Meaghan

So, on Saturday the 25th, we were in Wolfville and decided to go to the Farmer’s Market there.  We learned that they will soon be moving from the grassy part separating 2 parking lots on Front Street to a new space a block or so away, behind the Festival Theatre.  It will be a good move for them.

It was the weekend of the Deep Roots Festival, and we were delighted to learn that the lovely and talented Meaghan Smith was performing at the Farmer’s Market in the morning, and would be performing that afternoon at the  Al Whittle Theatre.  Any opportunity to hear her perform is a treat not to be missed.

The show ended.  I got a couple of snaps of her as she was putting her gear away.  I caught up with Patricia.

15 minutes or so later, as we were finishing our tour of the market, guess who should drop DSCF4681by that vendor?  Guess!  Yep.  It was Meaghan Smith.  I introduced myself and asked if she’d pose for a picture of two with me.  Turned out to be 12, thanks to the burst mode on my camera.

I think that Meaghan Smith is just swell.  She’s a wonderful singer, and you’d do well to sample her music.

Here’s her biggest hit, “I Know”.  I can’t embed the official video, but you can find it right here

This is another version of the song.  I hope you like it.  I know I do.



Yes, I gave Meaghan a Bevboy’s Blog business card.  I am nothing if not self-serving.


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