Saturday, October 2, 2010

Post 1382 - An Even Busier Day

Wolfville this morning. Basement cleanup this afternoon. Another Wolfville trip after supper.

Glenda dropped by the house this evening, and together we threw out bags and bags of trash (the fruits of 4 weekends of work downstairs), an old bicycle, an old end table, other stuff, and the old hot water tank that got retired this Summer. Without Glenda and the hand trunk we found in the garage yesterday, there's no way that the tank could have been negotiated outdoors. Thanks, Glenda. Thanks, hand truck.

Sold Dad's ox trailer yesterday, and today it was carted off by the new owner. It happened so suddenly, during my work in the basement, that I barely got a farewell picture as it was dragged off to its new home.

I'm sentimental like my Dad but also pragmatic. The ox trailer would never have been useful to me or anyone in the family. It was taking up space for the last number of years since Dad stopped having oxen. I'm glad it went to someone who's gonna find it useful. But I'll still miss it. One more reminder that my father is dead.

I'll publish that final picture of the ox trailer in a future blog post.

After all that manual work today, I just know I'll be sore in the morning!

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