Sunday, October 3, 2010

Post 1384 - A Feeling of Accomplishment!

I'm back in the city after a 3 day weekend in the Valley.   My sister and I threw out many items for the fall clean up this week.  Getting the hot water tank out of the basement, through the house, and out to the front yard with the rest of the trash was lots of fun.

Already, some of the trash has been picked up.  Gayle's old bicycle was picked up sometime over night.  I'm told anything made of metal will disappear before the Thursday pick up.

During the Winter, I'll work on cleaning up Dad's old workshop and the family garage.  It will be a fun challenge that I feel I'm up to.

Returned to the house this afternoon.  Watched the first episode of season 5 of Dexter.  The new one is on tonight, but I'll catch it through On Demand.

Newbie has been quiet this evening.  I guess he's tired after a weekend of terrorizing me and forcing me to feed him at unGodly hours.  I'll fix his wagon some day.  Just you wait and see.

I have infinite patience.


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