Friday, October 8, 2010

Post 1389 - Just A Few More Hours!

Please note that I like my job, quite a bit, actually.  But, I still like the weekends.  I do look forward to them.

The last few weekends I've been at my mother's cleaning out her basement and preparing for the Fall cleanup.  That was on Thursday, and my mother reported to me yesterday morning that everything had been carted away.  Frabjous joy!

I have been neglecting the cottage in recent weeks.  I haven't been there in a month, and I am looking forward very much to going back there for a long weekend.  I sleep better up there, and am away from such awful things as the internet (although I can still connnect to work if necessary).  I have worked hard, both at work, and at my mother's, and I have earned a break. 

My plan is to drive up there after work this evening, arrive relatively late, eat something, and go to bed, right after watching "Blue Bloods" on tv.  Let's hope that the spirit is still willing, and can energize the flesh.  It's a long drive up there. 

Pretty quiet day here at work.  Lunch hour is winding down.

Cottage, here I come!!


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