Saturday, October 9, 2010

Post 1390 - Brrr!

I drove to the cottage last evening, arriving around 9:45.  I turned in for the evening around 10:30.

Woke up to a frigid day this morning.  My netbook tells me it is 9 degrees Celsius in the city, and I can't imagine it's any warmer where we are. 

We drove to Caribou this morning for their tiny farmer's market and then drove into Tatamagouche for the much larger farmer's market there.   If you've never been to Tatamagouche, please  do something about that, will you?  It's a lovely town, eclectic and with a unique spirit all its own.  We go there all the time when we're at the cottage.

Whilst eating my perogies this morning, who should sit next to us but children's author Sheree Fitch.  They have a second home not far from there.  We chatted for a few minutes, and I gave her a couple of my patent-pending Bevboy's Blog business cards.  She has promised to read the blog, so I thought I'd return the favour via this shout out to her.

These humble words, and when it comes to me they're always humble, come once again from the River John Library c@p site.  Free internet.  i like me some free stuff.

We will go back to the cottage in a little while and relax some more.   We will catch up on some tv shows that we've missed.  Patricia will prepare salmon cakes for dinner.  And we will decide whether to attend the Dave Gunning concert at the DeCoste Centre in the town of Pictou this evening. 

With my father's death 5 months ago, I haven't been to the cottage nearly enough this year.  I have missed it, which makes me cherish the time I get to spend there all the more.  Monday evening will be sad for me as I have to return  to the city and to work on Tuesday.

Enjoy your day, gentle reader.


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