Friday, October 15, 2010

Post 1397 - A Mistake

Hi.  I made a mistake.  There are 2 posts 1392.  The only way for this to be the actually 1397th post is to skip a post 1396, because the second post 1392 pushed everything up by one. 

Maybe I'll stop numbering these posts.  It's starting to become a pain in the ass.

Tomorrow morning, early, I'll drive down to my mother's place for the weekend.  She's already planned my Saturday.  I'll take the new-to-me laptop down there with me where it will live out the remainder of its days, a little like Black Beauty when that horse retired from its years of labour.  You did read Black Beauty when you were a kid, right? 

I guess I will acknowledge for the first, maybe only, time that there is a company in British Columbia that sells (wholesale, I think) beverages.  They deliver all over BC.  What are they called?  Yep!  Bevboy!  Their website is right here, and I'll thank you to be respectful.

If you go into google and type in "Bevboy", you'll see several of my posts.  Down the list a bit, you'll see these guys.  Then, more of my posts.  I can only imagine how they must feel, seeing some guy in Nova Scotia with nothing better to do than write a blog every damned day, appearing higher in a google list than their website is.  How many people have wandered into their store having found my blog instead of their website, and how many times have the proprietors rolled their eyes and cursed my name?  I'll probably never know.

I hope that, having found my blog instead of a website to order wholesale beverages, that they found a post or two that made them smile, and then found the website where they wanted to go.

Man, I could use a Lipton Ice Tea.

(The Other) Bevboy

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