Friday, October 22, 2010

Post 1404 - A Productive Day

Time was, a day off for me might entail some shopping, some pretty serious sleeping in, or going to a movie. Not no more!

Today, I took my car to the shop 3 times, upgraded the ram in this here laptop, met with the lawyer, had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, and spent the afternoon with a couple of guys who installed a new oil tank at my mother's. Finally, I'm getting a break and am spending an hour or so at the Port Williams library.

In a little while, we will re-attach the railing the guys had to disassemble to get the old oil tank out and the new one in, put the furniture back in place that we move last evening, and put Mom's air conditioner away for another year.

Say, I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with a cold. Just what I need.

Think I'll browse the library for a spell.

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