Saturday, October 23, 2010

Post 1405 - A Day Early (But Not A Dollar Short!)

I'm back in the city on a Saturday night, as work may beckon in the morning.  It's just as well, as I have developed a cold, and I'd rather be sick in my own bed rather than at my mother's. 

We installed the oil tank yesterday at my mother's yesterday.  It looks nice, if you gauge beauty by how oil tanks look, that is. 

Yesterday, I did what's called a "frugal install" of puppy linux on my ancient laptop, after partitioning the hard drive.  It is a little silly.  I remember in the 1980's, if you had a hard drive bigger than, I think, 10 megabytes(!), MS DOS 3.3 couldn't address all that space.  So, you'd partition the hard drive, creating a drive D, or E or F or whatever.  I had thought and hoped that I wouldn't have to deal with that crap any more, but that's not the case.  I had to partition the 10g hard drive on that old laptop so that I could install PL on it.  Doing that, I no longer have to boot from the cd drive; I can boot from the hard drive.  Adding the whopping 128MB of sd ram to the machine, it now boasts 340 mb or so of ram.  It actually runs fairly fast for a 10 year old laptop. 

Today, I took Mom shopping because that's what I do when I'm home.  The cold I was conceiving on Friday came full bore today, so staggering around with my mother was a particular challenge. 

We had lunch at the Zellers in New Minas.  Yeah, I know.  We had lunch at the Zellers in New Minas.  Shut up.  It was my mother's idea, not mine.  The food tasted the way you'd expect food at Zellers to taste. 

When we finally, at long last, returned to my mother's house, my sister and I cleaned out my dad's old truck, while my brother-in-law charged the battery.  It was nice to get that chore taken care of.

Oh, I bought an early  Christmas present today.  I bought Rick Howe's "Radio Talk" book.  I scanned it this evening, and I will report now that a future  Bevboy's Blog post will give my full review of the tome.  It is not a perfect book, but it is very nice to see someone who lived those years take pen to paper, or keys to keyboard, and produce a book about his experiences on the radio. 

Deb  Smith was challenging me to write a book about my own radio experiences, which are about as vicarious as one could possibly imagine.  I would still like to do a book of my radio interviews.  I don't know if anybody would buy such a book, but my mother would.

She loves me, you see. 

I take  her shopping.


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