Monday, October 25, 2010

Post 1407 - Feeling Better

I took a sick day today, as I was feeling a mite poorly.  I felt like crap on Saturday when I returned to the city, and even worse on Sunday.  I began to feel human again late on Monday morning, and have been up ever since.

I'll return to work in the morning.

I will take with me Rick Howe's book about his years of being on the radio and hope to make Tuesday's blog post about my thoughts about the book. 

On Saturday I bought the 2 disc Grindhouse dvd.  It was a double feature film in 2007 with the first part directed by Robert Rodriguez, and the second by Quentin Tarantino.  The movie had fake trailers in between for schlocky horror films.  It was all supposed to be a big joke, but the joke was on the film makers as the movie was a big bomb that year.  It is too bad, because I enjoyed it for what it was; I went by myself to see it in theatres.  People expected it to be, well, a Tarantino film a la "Pulp Fiction" or "Jackie Brown", but it was anything but.  It's minor Tarantino at best.  The dvd's that came out a couple of years ago only had one film each.  This is the first time both films, and all of the intertitles and special supplements have been released in one package.  I'm looking forward to seeing it all, probably the week after next, when I hope to be at the cottage for a week, assuming I can get the time off.

That's it for tonight, gentle readers. 

See you tomorrow.


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