Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Post 1409 - I Can't Believe It!

I got the new Frank Magazine today.  From time to time, they have radio news.  Occasionally, I learn something from that news.

Such was the case this evening.

Turns out my friend Gary Tredwell was let go from K-Rock 89.3 in the Annapolis Valley.  I can't believe it.   They're already advertising his job over on the Milkman site. 

Gary Tredwell, of course, is known as Greasy Gary to Q104 listeners.   Within the Q's listening range, there are construction workers who sit in their trucks, refusing to start work, until Greasy Gary's 10 minutes or so are finished each weekday morning.   It is understood by their bosses that they will not override this wish.

I was sick on Monday and didn't hear the Q.  Tuesday morning, Greasy was on, but only told a joke from an earlier broadcast and was gone.  They do that when Greasy is on vacation or unavailable for some reason.  Today, I had a migraine and missed the Q again.  I will be sure to tune in tomorrow.

I don't know the inner workings of K-Rock.  I can only say that Gary has been a good friend to Bevboy's Blog, helping me arrange interviews with Darrin Harvey (who should live forever!) and Colin and Kate, the station's fine morning team.  I will be contacting Mel Sampson soon for an interview. 

I don't know what happened that resulted in Gary's ouster, but I do know that someone of his talent can't be out of work for long.   I just hope that he ends up somewhere where I can listen to him on  a regular basis. 

And a comment to Frank: Guys, I don't mind that you use the pictures from my blog to accompany your articles about local radio people, but can you be nice about it and offer me some credit, please?  People will have the impression that you took that fine picture of Gary Tredwell, when in fact, it came from my camera and you just grabbed it from the interview.   You even cropped it to cut out the Bevboy's Blog watermark.  Real nice.   Come on, guys.   It's called journalistic integrity.   Get some.

Have a good night.

And, Gary, the best of luck.



chumpmonkey said...

On the upside, did you happen to see the awesome illustrations in that issue?

Bevboy said...

Don, yes, I did. You did a great job, my friend. The style looks familiar, though... :-)