Friday, October 29, 2010

Post 1411 - Quickly Noted

Been a long day, and I'm turning in shortly, but I wanted to tell you about something neat.  

I have been gradually making my way through as many of the online back issues of the old "4th Estate", a newspaper published in Halifax between 1969 and 1977.  It is a gas to read these old issues.  Of particular note are the columnists, some of whom are still writing.   A very young Stephen Kimber wrote at least column for the paper, back in the Fall of '69. Frank Cameron wrote a regular column for them.  I just read a sports column by Pat Connolly.  "Farmer Brown" wrote a gossip column, which featured lots of radio news.

Their original offices were at 5211 Blowers Street in downtown Halifax.  They moved to the corner of Hollis and Duke in November of '69.  That address on Blowers Street still exists.  It is right next door to the current Venus Pizza, just up from Barrington.  I think there are apartment in that spot now.  I wonder if the current occupants know that there was a pretty cool alternative newspaper office there 41 years ago?

I'm also taken with the very interesting ads for stores and businesses of that period.  Some of these industries no longer exist.   Do calling services exist any more?  Didn't clock radios kinda take away the need for them?

I will continue to work my way through this fascinating newspaper.  As I find interesting articles, I'll share the links with you here.  It's the least I can do for my readers. 

Enjoy your Friday, folks.


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