Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post 1443 - T Minus One

It is just a few hours until Bevboy's Third Annual Christmas Tie Extravaganza!   I hope you've been looking forward to it.  I know I have.

Vroom!  Vroom!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Post 1442 - Don't Call Me Shirley!

Tonight I write of Leslie Nielsen, the famed comedic actor who died over the weekend at age 84.

I remember seeing him in scores of tv shows when I was a youngster.  I didn't see The Airplane! movies until years after they came out on video, but I sure did enjoy Police Squad! in 1982.  It eventually begat the Naked Gun movies, but there was something about the original 6 episode series that still makes me laugh, nearly 30 years later.  Has there been a dvd release of the show?

I'd watch this show and then talk to my high school chums about it the next day.  In my first semester of university, I'd think about the tv show when I should have been thinking about my studies (and look where that got me!  Sheesh!)

Tonight, I share with you 3 clips from Police Squad!

It's pretty much the same as Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?", but it's still awfully funny.

Next up is the epilogue from each episode, where they would do a faux freeze frame, with mistakes.  I'm pretty sure these were in the original broadcast order, but not in the order in which they were filmed, as the references to previous characters, other than Sally Dekker, are out of sequence.  That's too bad.  I've often wondered why they broadcast the show out of order.

Lastly is Johnny the Shoeshine guy.  He knows everything about everything.  I was so disappointed that he didn't make the transition to the Naked Gun movies.  He would have been so funny there, too.  He always stole the few scenes he was in.

To the extent I can, I have modeled Bevboy's Blog after the deadpan aspects of Leslie Nielsen.  I waste no opportunity to misunderstand a basic question, also.  One time, I walked up to a co-worked and said, "Robert, I have a question for you."  Robert said, "What's that?"  I said, "Well a question is an interrogative statement put forth by one person in order to obtain information from another person.  If you understand, let's proceed."   Robert was flummoxed, and he proceeded to quote me every chance he got.

Another time, I was at a Toastmasters meeting.  I was talking about an upcoming contest.  A woman at the meeting asked if I had a date.  I was preparing to say something like, "No, I don't.  But I'll look on the web and let you know when it is.", when some evil force took over my vocal cords and made me say, "Well, I was planning to go by myself."  I guess you had to be there, but it got a good laugh. 

I owe these little comedic gems of mine to Leslie Nielsen and the people who wrote those scenes for him.  They provided the words; he did everything else.   I was a huge fan of his. 

Besides, he had a girl's name.  We have to stick together.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post 1441 - A Nice Service

It was an unpleasant morning in the Valley, one which underscored the importance of my being down there as much as is practical given my life here in Halifax. 

But, I wouldn't have missed the memorial service at the funeral home this afternoon.  No way.

We were invited by the funeral home as the family of people who had died this year.  I am speculating that only people who loved ones funerals were at that funeral home were invited, but I'd be delighted to be wrong.  I have a lot of time and respect for the White family, and it was nice of them to invite us to an event that cost them a tidy sum.

The highlight for me was the reading of the names of the people who had passed over the past 12 months.  I kept waiting to hear my father's name.  I heard the names of folks who had died over the last year whom I knew, but hadn't known they had died.  Afterward, they kindly printed their obits for me, and I will read them and learn more about the people who had left my life before they left their own. 

Anyway, they finally read my father's name, and I glanced over at my sister and her daughter.  We can never forget our father.  He was our rock.  We miss him like crazy. Life will never be the same without him.

I am not a religious person.  That is either a fault of mine, or you like me even more for it.  But, a lump came to my throat when I read the enclosed poem, "My first Christmas in Heaven".   Here.  Go ahead and read it

The service ended.  They served food.  I left.  Got some pictures of some of Dad's power tools we're trying to sell off.  Tried to teach my mother how to use a dvd player without much success.   Drove back to Halifax and into the waiting arms of my betrothed.  Or something like that.

It's been a really long day, with high high's and low low's.  If you'll excuse me, I'll call it a night now.

It's a night.

Trust me.  I checked.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post 1440 - Good Thing I Came Up!

Took Mom shopping this afternoon. What with lunch and all, we didn't return until 4:30 or so.

The friggin' light sensitive doodads I got to hook up to the garage flood light don't work. At dark this evening, the lights didn't come on. I will get my money back, over 30 bucks. Very frustrating.

Turns out my mother's fridge went on the fritz in the last day or so. The freezer portion isn't working. The fridge part is barely holding on. Future Shop in New Minas was still open, and we got there around 8. The smallest fridge they had was still too big for the space.

Don Porter, who runs the appliance and furniture store in town, opened up his store for us on a Saturday night for us to pick out a fridge. We got one. It's bought and paid for. It'll be delivered on Tuesday morning.

I keep wondering how Mom would have coped if I hadn't been around this weekend. One sister's at Mamma Mia in Halifax tonight. The other one is... well, the other one. If not for me, Mom would have been up sheep creek. A little sad and a little sobering. I'm just glad it worked out for the best.

A very long day. Returning to the city tomorrow assuming I don't electrocute myself in the garage Sunday morning. That would be my luck, huh?


From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Post 1439 - Weekend In The Valley

I drove up here this evening to help my mother out for a couple of days.

Learned last week that the funeral home has invited the families of people who died this year, and who were clients of the funeral home, to a special service Sunday afternoon. I think I'll go, out of respect to Dad, and admiration for White's Funeral Home. They're some of the nicest, most caring people I know. I've heard that if a person dies with no family, that staff members will attend the person's service so he won't be forgotten.

On that maudlin, mawkish note, I bid you adieu for the evening. Mom has many plans for me on Saturday, and much sleep is required beforehand.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Post 1438 - My Weekend Plans

Right.  Right.  It's always the man's fault. 

Anyway, I'm writing this on the 10 year old laptop I bought last month.  I have been gently upgrading it and running newer software.  It is running fairly well this evening, actually.  I think it will be going to my mother's with me tomorrow, there to live out the rest of its days in semi retirement.

Speaking of which, my mother has been plotting and scheming what she will have me do for her this weekend.  She will want to go shopping.  A hair appointment is in the offing.  Groceries will be purchased.  I am confident there will be other things.

I will be doing a bit of work in the garage as well.  Then, to Dad's old workshop to do some stuff.  I've been getting some interest from at least one person wanting information on some of Dad's old power tools.  He may want to buy a couple of them.  It's been harder to sell them than I thought it would be.  Things have sold that I thought would stick around.  Other things haven't sold that I thought people would be falling over themselves to get.   It's been a real crap shoot.

Another long day.  Not the best one, either.  Let's hope that Friday will be better.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post 1437 - Why I Hate Puppies

Some of you will recall, possibly even care, that one of my recent pass times has been installing and trying out different flavours of the operating system Linux. 

It is all Steve's fault.

I work with him.  He has a passion for unix and linux that I respect and even admire.  I have been, well, not emulating it, but trying to understand it.

My first real exposure to linux was on my netbook computer, which I'm using to write this here blog post.  It came with a variant of linux called Xandros, and it's a piece of excrement.  It hasn't been updated in years.  Asus contracted Xandros to put a custom variant of their linux on their eee line of netbooks in 2007, but nothing has been done to update it.  Some new updates on default apps, but no new kernel or anything like that.  Sucks. 

But, it works.  The key combo to toggle wireless on and off works fine.  You can update the Firefox enough to use add ons like Xmarks.  It is just bland and very difficult to update and customize in any meaningful way.  If you want to add gnumeric or abiword or whatever, you can, but creating a launcher icon and adding it to the other desktop icons is an exercise in frustration.  I once spent 90 minutes one Sunday morning trying to get dropbox working.  I got the app to show up in my desktop tray, but that's about it.  Forget it starting on boot up. 

Ubuntu has been so much easier.  It taxes the limited resources that the netbook has, but it flies on my older desktop.  I even got lubuntu, and lightweight ubuntu derivative, working on that old toshiba laptop I bought last month.  Much more stable than the version of linux I first tried on that laptop.

Which brings me to puppy linux.

There is a strange cult around puppy linux.  I began to fall sway to its alleged charms until I realized it is too unstable an operating system to be really useful.

Let me explain.

Puppy Linux is a variant of linux designed to run on really old computers.  Whereas Ubuntu and its kinfolk will barely fit, compressed, on a single cd (698 megabytes or so),  Puppy will only occupy about 100 megabytes.  Puppeee, made for the Asus eee series, takes up more, a whopping 128 megabytes on a cd or usb stick.  For that you get a word processor, a spreadsheet program, tons o'utilities, a few games, and even your choice of browser.

There's a lot to like about Puppy, or at least to try to like.

But, the most recent version of Puppy, based upon Ubuntu 10.04 (nicknamed Lucid  Lynx) isn't very good.  It's nicknamed Lucid Puppy, or LUPU for short.  It takes up 128 megs of space.  But, my frig, you have to partition even a small hard drive.  You have to install a bootloader like grub and modify the default code it produces just to get the damned thing to  boot on your computer.  And, it crashes more than Lindsay Lohan on her birthday. 

I managed to connect to the web on that computer using lupu.  Even got xmarks up and running.  But surfing was no fun.  The browser would inexplicably crash on me.  Sometimes, the computer would freeze, and I'd have to turn the computer off.

Which would corrupt what's called the Puppy save file.  Ah, yes.  Don't forget about that.  It only holds all the settings you have carefully set up as well as the apps you might have downloaded and installed.   It's a vital file, but it's more prone to corruption than any politician I can think of. 

The last time it happened was 2 weeks ago, when I was at the cottage for a few days.  I had it unplugged and the battery died and the computer with it.  I couldn't fire up Puppy any more, not without lots of work, which I spent hours doing.  I managed to get it to the point where the computer would boot into lupu again, but with some errors I could never quite figure out. 

There had to be a better way.

Xubuntu is allegedly a lightweight version of ubuntu, but the xubuntu cd I offered to the computer was unacceptable to it. 

Then, I read about lubuntu, and my heart sang and even skipped a beat.  I felt like a schoolboy.  It is designed to run on much older computers.  The system requirements are perhaps a bit less modest than Puppy's, but I wanted to try it out.

I installed it last weekend, and it runs quite well.  Got Firefox and xmarks working.  Youtube videos run after a fashion, but it's all I can expect.  Most websites load and run acceptably.  This old computer will live out its last days at my mother's place, in my old bedroom, and be mostly used for transcribing blog interviews.  May jump on the net with it from time to time.

What I went through is something that the average person would never have done.  The average person would have thrown that computer away a long time ago, or spent more time than I did cursing the gods for creating such a crappy operating system.  I'm not ready to do that, but I do wonder what it is about puppy linux that inspires such passion in its devotees.  I just don't get it.  At best, it's not ready for prime time.  At worst, people are too forgiving of its eccentricities and weaknesses.  I'm  not one of them.

You know how I feel about cats.  I love them.  You know how I feel about dogs.  I'm ambivalent about them.   But, I hate puppies, or rather, Puppy Linux.

I come by it honestly.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post 1436 - Where Did The Day Go?

Crap.  I was gonna go to the gym after work tonight.  I haven't been there in months, since before Dad died.  But, I wasn't feeling well and returned home instead.  Slept the night away.

Watched "The Good Wife", which gets better every week.  Watched "No Ordinary Family", which gets crappier every week.  DWTS is on now as I type these humble words.   My work laptop is gradually downloading a huge file in anticipation of installing a major app on it, probably Wednesday night.  Newbie is hovering around me, giving me that come hither look.  He was with me as I rested this evening. 

Toastmasters tomorrow.  Maybe, just maybe, the time to transcribe a bit of one of the 3 interviews I have to work on. 

The life of a busy Bevboy!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Post 1435 - The Walking Dead Thoughts

I don't know how many of you have been watching "The Walking Dead".  It's broadcast on an obscure-to-Canadians channel called AMC, which used to stand for American Movie Classics, and today stands for... well, I'm not sure what it stands for.  The movies they run are not usually classics. 

AMC is the home channel for "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad".   It was the home channel for this year's monotonous spy thriller, "Rubicon", canceled after one season.  And, now, it's the home channel for "The Walking Dead".

The show is based on a comic book of the same name.  It's been published for several years now.  It's a book about a police officer who gets shot and wakes up in the hospital when something has happened and the dead have risen from their graves as zombies and hunt down the remaining humans as a food source. 

There are people, lots of them, who adore the series.  I spent more money last year than I should have to buy the first 10 volumes of the collected series, representing the first 60 issues of the comic.  Bought 'em with the intention of reading 'em on vacation last year. 

It's in black and white, which is something they did to save money.  The artwork is... well, it's hard to describe.  Everybody looks the same.  It is hard to tell what's going on from panel to panel, page to page.  I made it as far as volume 4 or so in 2009 before not picking up any of them.   All 10 volumes are in my bedroom, in a drawer, awaiting reading. They can wait a while longer.

People love the series, but I don't.  The idea of it is grand: Humans trying to survive in a world that has no power, little food, limited resources, trying to keep from being killed by zombies, and rising themselves.  It has a "been there, done that" sense to it that is hard to overlook.  The artwork leaves so much to be desired that it's pointless to wade through it.  And, things like the dialogue need work.  The book is a disappointment.

Which brings us to the tv show.

I heard  about a year ago that this flawed series would become a tv show.  I thought, "Great.  Maybe they can draw upon the good parts of the book and ignore the rest."  The fact that Frank Darabont would be on  board to direct the first episode was all good.

The first episode debuted on October 31st, Hallowe'en night.  It was terrific.  Suspenseful.  Well-acted.  Gross.  Even touching in the right places. 

The second episode sucked.  I don't want to talk about it.

The third episode was better than the second one.  Which is not to say it was good.  It was just better than episode 2.

The fourth one, which I just finished watching, was pretty good.  I'm at the point where it's hard to remember what happened in those early issues.  The people  who died in the book are dying on the tv show, and the gore level is at a point that's hard to dismiss.  

The tv show has a comic book feel to it that I am not fond of.  Once again, the dialogue is often trite and tiresome.  I don't know much more about the characters now than I did 3 weeks ago.   There is a female character who cheated on her husband with his best friend, because she feared her husband dead.   Read it in the book; it's on tv show.  And it doesn't ring true.  Other characters do stupid things, in mere service to the plot.

There are 2 more episodes left in this short season.  I'm looking forward to seeing them. I still want to see where they take these characters.  

But I don't think I'll be back for season 2.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Post 1434 - Patricia's Birthday

Patricia's birthday was on Saturday.  Let me tell you about it.

We got up early Saturday  morning.  I gave Patricia her prezzie: Two tickets to the upcoming Neptune Theatre production of The Wizard of Oz. 

Not long after that, we drove to the Annapolis Valley for the day.  We spent a good hour at the Wolfville Farmer's market, held for its final Winter at the Acadia University Student Union Building.  It will move to a short distance away from its current summer home, and I just hope that it ends up being as nice as it has been.  We love that farmer's market. 

We had lunch at a bistro in Wolfville, one we had never been to before.  It was excellent.

In the afternoon, Patricia went to the Acadia craft fair; I remained in the car reading a book and listening to the radio. 

Later on in the afternoon, we went to Canning, where we bought the roast beef we cooked for dinner this evening and visited my mother for an hour or so, before returning to Wolfville and a short visit to the Al Whittle Theatre.  After that, we went to a housewarming party in Kentville.  We returned to Halifax around 10:45 last evening.

Patricia reports that she had an excellent birthday.  I'm glad she did.  I hope she keeps yesterday in mind for when my birthday comes, in a few short months.

Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Christmas ties begin next week!!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Post 1433 - Happy Birthday, Patricia!

Here at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. Patricia's enjoying a festive beverage!

Happy birthday, Patricia!

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Post 1432 - Tomorrow

It's just past 9pm.  I have spent the last little while installing another operating system on the really old laptop I purchased in October.  It is a light version of Ubuntu, not recognized by Canonical, called LUBUNTU.   It runs quite well on this old machine.  Puppy Linux has its admirers.  I want to like it, but it crashes too often and is so prone to file corruption that it's unusable to anyone who wants to get any real work done.  I'm composing this here blog post on that old computer.  Where Puppy might have crashed on me by now, Lubuntu is running just fine.

Tomorrow is Patricia's birthday.  Never mind her age.  It's none of your business.  It's barely any of mine.  We will have a day of fun, checking out coffee shops and craft shows (well, she can do that; I'll read a book or something).  Saturday night, we'll be going to a friend's housewarming party. 

It's early, but I think I'll go to bed.  Lots of driving tomorrow.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Post 1431 - As I Was Just Saying

I was going into a key note speech this morning when a co-worker accosted me and asked me if I was going to do it.

Am I doing the 3rd  annual Christmas tie thing?

Yes.  Yes, I am.

I explained 2 days ago that I will be doing the Christmas tie a day in December thing, and I meant it.  I broke the news here. 

I will formalize it a bit more now.

Each work day in December that I work, probably 15 days or so, I will be dressing much more formally than I do during the year.  I will comb my hair, every day.  My teeth will be brushed, on a semi-regular basis.  And I will spend time each morning colour co-ordinating my wardrobe to make sure that each tie complements the apparel.   I will feel more like a girl than I normally do. 

I do this, because I love you.  And, if these ties can make your Christmas season be just 1% more positive, then it will be worth it.  Plus, I am an attention whore.  That last part is the most important.  Attention.  Whore.  Repeat after me.  At. Tent. Shun.  Whore.

I am still trying to find cool places to get my picture taken in Halifax.  I am still entertaining suggestions.  Do send them along.

Have a good night.  And keep watching the skies for Bevboy's Christmas Tie Parade!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post 1430 - Moving In The Right Direction

It seems impossible to find enough hours in the day to get to things like transcribing interviews.

I managed to find a bit of time during my lunch hour to transcribe one audio file in the Lisa Blackburn interview.  It's a step in the right direction, but not a very big one. 

This evening I didn't get home until nearly 8pm.  I chatted with Patricia for a bit, and then went downstairs to watch this week's episode of The Walking Dead.  The teaser for next week's show said there are only 3 episodes left in this season.  A six episode season?  That sucks.  The comic is up to issue 80 or so; they'll never catch up now.

It's now past 10 o'clock, and I should turn in shortly.  No time to transcribe anything.

Sorry, Lisa.  Sorry, James.  I am working as fast as i can.

Found out this morning that Jessica Rankin is leaving Q104, effective Friday of this week.  Sorry to see her go.  I had wanted to interview her, but I guess that's not gonna happen.  At least Frank Magazine can't steal pictures from that interview and run them without crediting me.  

On that cheery note, I take my nightly leave of you, gentle readers.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post 1429 - An Appeal For Assistance

It is November 16th, ladies and gentlemen.  The final day of November is naught but a fortnight hence.  That means that the first day of December is two weeks from tomorrow.

I will, once again, be doing the annual Bevboy's Christmas Tie Parade.  Every work day in December, I will be wearing a different Christmas tie, somewhere in and around the city of Halifax.  Last year, I posed with the mayor, the minister of a major government department, on top of Halifax city hall, and lots of other places.  You can click on the "Christmas" label and see for yourself.

I am scratching my noggin trying to come up with suggestions for where to pose in my Christmas ties this year, and with whom. 

This is where you come in, ladies and gentlemen.

On this blog in the form of comments, on my facebook, on my twitter, please send along your suggestions for where to pose for pics, and/or with whom.  Reach high, ladies and gentlemen.  Bevboy has plenty of friends who can move mountains and help him get into places where the average person can't go. 

Send along your suggestion, starting now.  I will evaluate them and try to award some kind of prize to the one I think was the most interesting or creative. 

Get your thinking caps on. 



Monday, November 15, 2010

Post 1428 - Zzzz!

In the very early days of this humble blog, I'd often write of how tired I was.  My work chums would read these posts with good humour, and comment during coffee breaks (you remember coffee breaks, don't you, patient reader?  I used to take them).  "What's the matter, Bevboy?  Do you have tired blood?"  Or, "Are you not getting enough sleep at wor?"  Stuff like that.

I won't get into it that much, but my first day back to work after a week off at the cottage tuckered me out.  I could barely finish my dinner this evening ere I had to rest "for a few minutes." 

I slept until after 10pm.  It is now pushing 11pm, and I don't think sleeping a bit more will be much of a problem.

Got an invitation to a housewarming party for this coming Saturday night.  I can't say I've ever been invited to such a party before.  We're both looking forward to going. 

Say, that pillow looks awfully inviting.  If you'll excuse me...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Post 1427 - Back To Work Tomorrow

My brief vacation is over.  I return to work in the morning. 

Spent the day doing not so much.  We had a late late/early supper at a local Swiss Chalet and watched the  most recent episode of "Supernatural" this evening as well as last night's SNL. 

SNL is a funny show in that it has never been all that amusing, going back 35 years.  When you see compilation shows, they're the highs; there have always been lots of lows.  When people point to a particular era of the show as being classic, it's always relative to shows that were before or after it.  The best I can hope for is a modest chuckle or perhaps a tiny guffaw.  Frig, I'd settle for any kind of amused response most weeks.

I didn't even turn on that old laptop today.  I needed a break from the disappointment.  I reinstalled the previous version of Easy Peasy on my netbook.  I'm guessing the current version has that new and stupid Ubuntu netbook  interface, the one that challenges the patience of people  named Job. 

As for the old laptop: I figure if I don't try to access the internet on it, if I just use it for light word processing or spreadsheets or something of that nature at my mother's, then perhaps the machine will be useful.  When I try to hook it to the web, download stuff, sync my dropbox to it, all kinds of fun things happen that result in hours of work on my part.  As enjoyable as it is to spend piles of time doing things like farting around with pup save files, I think sleep is fun, too.  So, you know, maybe that machine is best not to be used for the web. 

Guess I'll call it a night. 

It's a night.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Post 1426 - Another Year Down

I'm back in the city, yet again, after a few days at the cottage.

The plumber dropped by around 8:45 this morning to turn off the water.  It involves flushing all the drains and pouring anti freeze down the drains and so on.  Also, the pressure tank is disconnected and hauled up and stored inside the cottage.  It is a 2 hour job. 

I put gas line antifreeze in the lawn tractor and ran it for 20 minutes or so to make sure that the stuff all got through the gas line.  I then removed the battery from the lawn tractor.  It is now downstairs here at the house.  We figure it will mean if someone wants to steal the lawntractor, the thief won't be able to drive it off.  It also preserves the battery, protecting it from the rigours of the weather.

Returned here around 4pm.  Patricia will be here tomorrow.

I spent too much time this evening fiddling and farting around with the old laptop computer.  I dunno about puppy linux.  It works reasonably fast on old computers, but it is not exactly a robust operating system.  The "save" file that the os creates and maintains is woefully prone to corruption.  If that file gets frigged up, then you have to forget all the changes you have wrought and have to start with a clean install.  You should get in the habit of backing up that save file on a very regular (i.e. nearly daily) basis.  Nobody does that on his own. 

I have maybe more computer skills than the average person.  I have been doing this stuff for a long time.  But, my frig, it's frustrating messing around with a rinky dink operating system that can't be bothered to protect its save file from the simplest influence.  Lupu didn't work well.  4.3.1 is giving me some problems.  I'll try 4.2. soon, when I'm in the mood for disappointment, and try that out.

Emailed the first draft of the MS interview to her late this afternoon.  I'll contact her in a few days to see if she's had a chance to read it over.  You may see it next week.

Off to bed. 

Write you tomorrow.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Post 1425 - Success!

Finished transcribing the MS interview today, just 2 days after I started it. Will email it to her over the weekend, when I have internet access again.

Technically have 3 more interviews to transcribe, with no more on the horizon. Perhaps '11 will bring me a hiatus from interviews.

Turning off the water here at the cottage tomorrow. Another year here over with. A little sad, but we'll be back in the Spring. Looking forward to it already.

Bring it on!

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post 1424 - More Cottage Life

Slept in like a crazy person this morning. Didn't get up until 9:45. Started transcribing after lunch. I only worked on the Mel Sampson interview today. I just have 3 audio files left. Sweet.

Think I'll head off to bed.

More transcribing Friday!

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post 1423 - Lots of Typing

I spent probably 6 hours today transcribing parts of 3 interviews. I'd work on one interview and put it aside. Pick up the next one. Put it aside. And worked on the 3rd one until about 9:45.

I'm using Abiword for this work. It's an open source word processor that's mostly used on older linux machines that can't tolerate the more bloated Open Office suite of apps. It's nice and light and blows the doors off Windows wordpad.

I thought I'd give Abiword a whirl to keep things consistent among my computers, Windows and Linux. It certainly runs fast, even on that 10 year old laptop I got last month. It boots up in maybe 3 seconds on that machine. On my new laptop, it fires up in less than a second. Nearly as fast on my desktops.

Abiword has its own native file format, and it sure does produce large files. Don't care much. I will eventually export the interview files in rtf format for the final vetting and publishing.

Anyway, that's geeky stuff and you don't care.

Tomorrow will be a repeat of today: Lots and lots of typing. Think I'll grill burgers for dinner.

Yeah, I know. You don't care. Frig you, too.

See you tomorrow.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post 1422 - Pictou County Bloggin'

I got up at 6 this morning and was on the road by 7.  We've had an awful lot of rain in Nova Scotia over the last several days.  I had hoped that the last of the bad weather was over, but by the time I crossed over to the Pictou County border, the heavy rains had started again.  I noticed a big transport truck ahead of me change lines, and wondered why.  Almost too late, I finally saw the car it was passing.  That's how hard it was raining.

Got to the cottage around 9:30, unloaded the car, and turned on the water.  I surveyed the food left in the fridge, the freezer, and the panty, and determined that I still required a few items.  Around 11, just over an hour ago, I drove into the town of Pictou, where I'm having a quick hot lunch before trundling off to Sobeys to purchase those items, ere I return to the cottage, not to emerge therefrom for several days if all goes according to plan.

I brought my netbook with me. I brought my laptop with me.  My camera equipment.  My CC radio.  My digital voice recorder is at the ready.  My intention is to transcribe as much material over the next few days as possible.  I now have 4 interviews that have been conducted and that require my typing and editing skills.  I am woefully behind on two of them, and the other two, took place just days ago.  I'd like to turn around all of those interviews by month's end, and that's a lot of typing, and a lot of editing, and not much sleep in between.  That's fine.   That's what I signed up for.

I write these humble words, by the way, at the Press Room pub in downtown Pictou.  We have been here many times, always satisfied by the experience.   If you're ever in the town of Pictou and have a hankering for victuals, please do yourself a favour and come here.  I get nothing for writing these things; I just like to let people know when I have a positive meal experience.  Really: You should come here.  I love the old newspaper articles plastered on one wall.  

The new Frank magazine is out today.  I tell you this because they promised to print a retraction to the Greasy Gary/Gary Tredwell piece they ran 2 weeks ago.  They had used a picture from this blog in that article without attribution.  I told you about it at the time, remember?  Anyway, I want to know what they have to say.  As long as they say something decent about the blog, and provide the blog url, then I'll be happy.  I could never afford to purchase such advertising!

I have to go settle my bill and head off to the Sobeys.  Have a good one, my friends.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Post 1421 - A Day's Delay

Was hoping to go to the cottage today but had to get an oil change for my car instead.  I spent a few minutes at the Lite 92.9 studios getting some more pictures of Lisa Blackburn.  One of them is an in-joke that I'm not sure how many people will get.  Looking forward to sharing the interview with you.

The oil change was this evening.  I didn't get home until nearly 8pm.  I just watched another interminable episode of "Castle", and think I'll head off to bed early, so I can get up early and head off to the cottage for a few days.

Ah, the cottage!  I promise to think of you there.

Or, maybe not.

Depends on how nice you are to me.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Post 1420 - A Quiet Day

Spent a day doing not much of anything. 

My vacation starts on Monday.  I will be dropping by the Lite 92.9 station for 10am to get some more pictures with Lisa Blackburn.  I didn't get very many pics Thursday night. 

In the afternoon, I'll be packing a few things for the cottage.  I will be spending quite a bit of time transcribing over the days I'm there that I won't be taking any dvd's or anything like that with me.  I now have 3, technically 4, interviews to transcribe, and anyone who's done any transcribing knows how much work that is.

Monday at 5:30, I'm getting the oil changed in my car.  After that, I may drive to the cottage, arriving pretty late on Monday evening. 

As Patricia and I left Mel and Goose last evening, they told me something that gave me a bit of a start.  They told me that I'm getting very well known in radio circiles.  I thought, maybe, I was known to the fb people who happen to work in radio, but not to the folks who aren't.  Apparently, that is not the case. 

You have a good evening, blog readers!!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post 1419 - Yawn!

Been up for many, many hours.  Drove to the Valley today to sign some papers for the estate.  Took my mother shopping for hours and hours.  Had lunch in Wolfville.  Had dinner with Mel Sampson and her bf Goose.   It was a fine, fine evening.  I am doing a bit of video converting research for a former Bevboy's blog interviewee.  Feels good to be wanted.

Have to get up quite early in the morning to do some other paying work.  So, if you'll excuse me...


Friday, November 5, 2010

Post 1418 - Vacation Is Here!

Well, it nearly is.

Turns out I have to take my car into the shop on Monday night, so it will delay my trip to the cottage until Tuesday.  That's ok.  I will be going to Lite 92.9FM Monday morning for a tour of that radio station  and perhaps even one of  the sister station, New 95.7.  I will be sure to take my camera and you will see lots of pics here on Bevboy's Blog.

Assuming the weather permits, Patricia and I will be driving to my mother's in the morning to take her shopping for several hours.  Of course, she will exhaust us.  I will gather my strength for 5:30 when we have dinner with K-Rock's Mel Sampson and her boyfriend.  Looking forward to it.

The weather has been awful today.  Pissing down rain all day.  There's the old joke about noticing a guy building an ark.  Ha ha.  It wasn't like that.  It was more like a situation where I could have saved some money on my water bill and showered outside.  But, no.  There are laws against being naked in public.  Sucks.

Guess I'll call it a night. 

It's a night. 


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Post 1417 - Tonight's Interview

I got home from my dinner interview with Lisa Blackburn about 8:45.  It went very well, in my opinion.  Lisa is a lovely person in every sense of the word.  I am looking forward to sharing the interview with all of you.

Lisa did tell me something that surprised me a bit: The people at the Rogers station know who I am!  I had no idea.  I did give her a small supply of Bevboy's Blog business cards to distribute to her colleagues, and it is my hope that at least a few of them will result in interviews. 

Saturday, Patricia and I have another dinner interview with Mel Sampson of K-Rock 89.3.  It will be held at the latest trendy Valley place: The Port Pub.  I like it there and everything, but I don't understand why it's becoming The Place To Be Seen.  

I'm on vacation all next week.  At the cottage, where I'll be, there's no internet.  There's no cable or satellite.  There's electricity, and there's food, and there are the 3 channels that God provides over the air.  So, I'll be taking a laptop or two with me and typing away, day after day, and will try to get as much of the 3 interviews I have in the can as possible. 

You have a good night, my furry friends.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post 1416 - Tonight's Toastmasters Meeting

Had a good meeting tonight. I'd prepared table topics only to learn that someone else had thought she was doing them. I stood down, and she knocked it out of the park. We were given objects and had to do an impromptu infomercial about them. V. funny indeed.

Got some Newbie food on the way home. I hope this means he won't terrorize me in the middle of the night wanting a snack. Little bastard doesn't know when to quit.

Interviewing Lisa Blackburn after work tomorrow. Should be an awesome time.


From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post 1415 - A Difficult Day

It`s November 2nd, and tomorrow will be a tough day for me.  It will have been 6 months since my father died.  I still expect to hear from him. "How you doing, boy!", he'd always say.  Being this age and being called "Boy" was disconcerting, but he never meant any harm.

I still miss him. 

Help me get through November 3rd, everyone.  I need it.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Post 1414 - Something Different

Normally, I don't do this.  But, I'll try something different tonight. 

I have scheduled two more Bevboy's Blog interviews, and they're both happening this week.

The first one will be Thursday after my work with the lovely and talented Lisa Blackburn, late of Q104, and now of Lite 92.9.  I sent her some questions, and she approved them, and then asked if there would be more questions.  She anticipates the interview will go off in many directions, and that many topics will be covered during the course of our conversation.  I am looking forward to this talk on Thursday evening.  I'll be sure to clear extra space on my digital voice recorder!

The second interview will be Saturday afternoon with the equally lovely and talented Mel Sampson, of K-Rock 89.3.  I'll have interviewed so many people at that station that the ones who haven't been probably feel left out.  All I can say is, "Keep waiting.  I'll get to you as soon as I can."

I don't normally identify the people I'm sitting down with until the point where the interview is actually published.  I am not sure why I came up with this policy.  Surprise, I guess.  But, now, I figure that once they're booked, as Lisa and Mel are, why not announce it on the blog?  I'm still not going to tell you what we'll talk about until the interview is published, though.  We have to have some secrets!

Watched the first episode of The Walking Dead this evening.  It was excellent.  I have the first 10 or so collections of the comic here at home, but I find them virtually unreadable.  The artwork is pedestrian, and it's in black and white, and I can't tell who's who most of the time.  I decided I didn't care.  But the tv show is wonderful, just wonderful, and I can't wait to see what else they have planned for the show.  5.3 million people in the U.S. watched it last night, which is the biggest debut of any show in AMC history.  A renewal for season 2 is a sure thing.

I like it when nice things happen. 

That's it for tonight.

I remain your humble, adorable, obedient servant,