Thursday, November 4, 2010

Post 1417 - Tonight's Interview

I got home from my dinner interview with Lisa Blackburn about 8:45.  It went very well, in my opinion.  Lisa is a lovely person in every sense of the word.  I am looking forward to sharing the interview with all of you.

Lisa did tell me something that surprised me a bit: The people at the Rogers station know who I am!  I had no idea.  I did give her a small supply of Bevboy's Blog business cards to distribute to her colleagues, and it is my hope that at least a few of them will result in interviews. 

Saturday, Patricia and I have another dinner interview with Mel Sampson of K-Rock 89.3.  It will be held at the latest trendy Valley place: The Port Pub.  I like it there and everything, but I don't understand why it's becoming The Place To Be Seen.  

I'm on vacation all next week.  At the cottage, where I'll be, there's no internet.  There's no cable or satellite.  There's electricity, and there's food, and there are the 3 channels that God provides over the air.  So, I'll be taking a laptop or two with me and typing away, day after day, and will try to get as much of the 3 interviews I have in the can as possible. 

You have a good night, my furry friends.



theajthomas said...

I was on the radio for 15 min this morning (right before Lisa Blackburn no less). Does that mean I get to be interviewed?

Bevboy said...

AJ, I missed you on the radio this morning. I presume it news 95.7. What was the occasion?

And, I know I said I'd be at Deepwater on November 7th, but I just found out I have to work on Sunday. Is it ok if I take a rain cheque?