Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post 1419 - Yawn!

Been up for many, many hours.  Drove to the Valley today to sign some papers for the estate.  Took my mother shopping for hours and hours.  Had lunch in Wolfville.  Had dinner with Mel Sampson and her bf Goose.   It was a fine, fine evening.  I am doing a bit of video converting research for a former Bevboy's blog interviewee.  Feels good to be wanted.

Have to get up quite early in the morning to do some other paying work.  So, if you'll excuse me...


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Unknown said...

Good to see you while you were out shopping yesterday Bev. My daughter got to see a cartoon (or at least charicature) come to life.
She never doubted you were a boy, but had reservations you were a real life human. Give us a ring when you're in town.