Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post 1422 - Pictou County Bloggin'

I got up at 6 this morning and was on the road by 7.  We've had an awful lot of rain in Nova Scotia over the last several days.  I had hoped that the last of the bad weather was over, but by the time I crossed over to the Pictou County border, the heavy rains had started again.  I noticed a big transport truck ahead of me change lines, and wondered why.  Almost too late, I finally saw the car it was passing.  That's how hard it was raining.

Got to the cottage around 9:30, unloaded the car, and turned on the water.  I surveyed the food left in the fridge, the freezer, and the panty, and determined that I still required a few items.  Around 11, just over an hour ago, I drove into the town of Pictou, where I'm having a quick hot lunch before trundling off to Sobeys to purchase those items, ere I return to the cottage, not to emerge therefrom for several days if all goes according to plan.

I brought my netbook with me. I brought my laptop with me.  My camera equipment.  My CC radio.  My digital voice recorder is at the ready.  My intention is to transcribe as much material over the next few days as possible.  I now have 4 interviews that have been conducted and that require my typing and editing skills.  I am woefully behind on two of them, and the other two, took place just days ago.  I'd like to turn around all of those interviews by month's end, and that's a lot of typing, and a lot of editing, and not much sleep in between.  That's fine.   That's what I signed up for.

I write these humble words, by the way, at the Press Room pub in downtown Pictou.  We have been here many times, always satisfied by the experience.   If you're ever in the town of Pictou and have a hankering for victuals, please do yourself a favour and come here.  I get nothing for writing these things; I just like to let people know when I have a positive meal experience.  Really: You should come here.  I love the old newspaper articles plastered on one wall.  

The new Frank magazine is out today.  I tell you this because they promised to print a retraction to the Greasy Gary/Gary Tredwell piece they ran 2 weeks ago.  They had used a picture from this blog in that article without attribution.  I told you about it at the time, remember?  Anyway, I want to know what they have to say.  As long as they say something decent about the blog, and provide the blog url, then I'll be happy.  I could never afford to purchase such advertising!

I have to go settle my bill and head off to the Sobeys.  Have a good one, my friends.


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