Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post 1423 - Lots of Typing

I spent probably 6 hours today transcribing parts of 3 interviews. I'd work on one interview and put it aside. Pick up the next one. Put it aside. And worked on the 3rd one until about 9:45.

I'm using Abiword for this work. It's an open source word processor that's mostly used on older linux machines that can't tolerate the more bloated Open Office suite of apps. It's nice and light and blows the doors off Windows wordpad.

I thought I'd give Abiword a whirl to keep things consistent among my computers, Windows and Linux. It certainly runs fast, even on that 10 year old laptop I got last month. It boots up in maybe 3 seconds on that machine. On my new laptop, it fires up in less than a second. Nearly as fast on my desktops.

Abiword has its own native file format, and it sure does produce large files. Don't care much. I will eventually export the interview files in rtf format for the final vetting and publishing.

Anyway, that's geeky stuff and you don't care.

Tomorrow will be a repeat of today: Lots and lots of typing. Think I'll grill burgers for dinner.

Yeah, I know. You don't care. Frig you, too.

See you tomorrow.

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