Saturday, November 13, 2010

Post 1426 - Another Year Down

I'm back in the city, yet again, after a few days at the cottage.

The plumber dropped by around 8:45 this morning to turn off the water.  It involves flushing all the drains and pouring anti freeze down the drains and so on.  Also, the pressure tank is disconnected and hauled up and stored inside the cottage.  It is a 2 hour job. 

I put gas line antifreeze in the lawn tractor and ran it for 20 minutes or so to make sure that the stuff all got through the gas line.  I then removed the battery from the lawn tractor.  It is now downstairs here at the house.  We figure it will mean if someone wants to steal the lawntractor, the thief won't be able to drive it off.  It also preserves the battery, protecting it from the rigours of the weather.

Returned here around 4pm.  Patricia will be here tomorrow.

I spent too much time this evening fiddling and farting around with the old laptop computer.  I dunno about puppy linux.  It works reasonably fast on old computers, but it is not exactly a robust operating system.  The "save" file that the os creates and maintains is woefully prone to corruption.  If that file gets frigged up, then you have to forget all the changes you have wrought and have to start with a clean install.  You should get in the habit of backing up that save file on a very regular (i.e. nearly daily) basis.  Nobody does that on his own. 

I have maybe more computer skills than the average person.  I have been doing this stuff for a long time.  But, my frig, it's frustrating messing around with a rinky dink operating system that can't be bothered to protect its save file from the simplest influence.  Lupu didn't work well.  4.3.1 is giving me some problems.  I'll try 4.2. soon, when I'm in the mood for disappointment, and try that out.

Emailed the first draft of the MS interview to her late this afternoon.  I'll contact her in a few days to see if she's had a chance to read it over.  You may see it next week.

Off to bed. 

Write you tomorrow.


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