Sunday, November 14, 2010

Post 1427 - Back To Work Tomorrow

My brief vacation is over.  I return to work in the morning. 

Spent the day doing not so much.  We had a late late/early supper at a local Swiss Chalet and watched the  most recent episode of "Supernatural" this evening as well as last night's SNL. 

SNL is a funny show in that it has never been all that amusing, going back 35 years.  When you see compilation shows, they're the highs; there have always been lots of lows.  When people point to a particular era of the show as being classic, it's always relative to shows that were before or after it.  The best I can hope for is a modest chuckle or perhaps a tiny guffaw.  Frig, I'd settle for any kind of amused response most weeks.

I didn't even turn on that old laptop today.  I needed a break from the disappointment.  I reinstalled the previous version of Easy Peasy on my netbook.  I'm guessing the current version has that new and stupid Ubuntu netbook  interface, the one that challenges the patience of people  named Job. 

As for the old laptop: I figure if I don't try to access the internet on it, if I just use it for light word processing or spreadsheets or something of that nature at my mother's, then perhaps the machine will be useful.  When I try to hook it to the web, download stuff, sync my dropbox to it, all kinds of fun things happen that result in hours of work on my part.  As enjoyable as it is to spend piles of time doing things like farting around with pup save files, I think sleep is fun, too.  So, you know, maybe that machine is best not to be used for the web. 

Guess I'll call it a night. 

It's a night.


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