Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post 1429 - An Appeal For Assistance

It is November 16th, ladies and gentlemen.  The final day of November is naught but a fortnight hence.  That means that the first day of December is two weeks from tomorrow.

I will, once again, be doing the annual Bevboy's Christmas Tie Parade.  Every work day in December, I will be wearing a different Christmas tie, somewhere in and around the city of Halifax.  Last year, I posed with the mayor, the minister of a major government department, on top of Halifax city hall, and lots of other places.  You can click on the "Christmas" label and see for yourself.

I am scratching my noggin trying to come up with suggestions for where to pose in my Christmas ties this year, and with whom. 

This is where you come in, ladies and gentlemen.

On this blog in the form of comments, on my facebook, on my twitter, please send along your suggestions for where to pose for pics, and/or with whom.  Reach high, ladies and gentlemen.  Bevboy has plenty of friends who can move mountains and help him get into places where the average person can't go. 

Send along your suggestion, starting now.  I will evaluate them and try to award some kind of prize to the one I think was the most interesting or creative. 

Get your thinking caps on. 




Unknown said...

is it too difficult and cheesy to do it at the top of the empire state building? i know you don't live in the states but you did say "reach high" :)

Bevboy said...

Ben, izzat you?

I'll see if I can get someone to fly me to NY and pose on top of the Empire State Building.

How about Halifax's The Roy Building? It's close to my work!