Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post 1436 - Where Did The Day Go?

Crap.  I was gonna go to the gym after work tonight.  I haven't been there in months, since before Dad died.  But, I wasn't feeling well and returned home instead.  Slept the night away.

Watched "The Good Wife", which gets better every week.  Watched "No Ordinary Family", which gets crappier every week.  DWTS is on now as I type these humble words.   My work laptop is gradually downloading a huge file in anticipation of installing a major app on it, probably Wednesday night.  Newbie is hovering around me, giving me that come hither look.  He was with me as I rested this evening. 

Toastmasters tomorrow.  Maybe, just maybe, the time to transcribe a bit of one of the 3 interviews I have to work on. 

The life of a busy Bevboy!


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