Thursday, November 25, 2010

Post 1438 - My Weekend Plans

Right.  Right.  It's always the man's fault. 

Anyway, I'm writing this on the 10 year old laptop I bought last month.  I have been gently upgrading it and running newer software.  It is running fairly well this evening, actually.  I think it will be going to my mother's with me tomorrow, there to live out the rest of its days in semi retirement.

Speaking of which, my mother has been plotting and scheming what she will have me do for her this weekend.  She will want to go shopping.  A hair appointment is in the offing.  Groceries will be purchased.  I am confident there will be other things.

I will be doing a bit of work in the garage as well.  Then, to Dad's old workshop to do some stuff.  I've been getting some interest from at least one person wanting information on some of Dad's old power tools.  He may want to buy a couple of them.  It's been harder to sell them than I thought it would be.  Things have sold that I thought would stick around.  Other things haven't sold that I thought people would be falling over themselves to get.   It's been a real crap shoot.

Another long day.  Not the best one, either.  Let's hope that Friday will be better.


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