Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post 1440 - Good Thing I Came Up!

Took Mom shopping this afternoon. What with lunch and all, we didn't return until 4:30 or so.

The friggin' light sensitive doodads I got to hook up to the garage flood light don't work. At dark this evening, the lights didn't come on. I will get my money back, over 30 bucks. Very frustrating.

Turns out my mother's fridge went on the fritz in the last day or so. The freezer portion isn't working. The fridge part is barely holding on. Future Shop in New Minas was still open, and we got there around 8. The smallest fridge they had was still too big for the space.

Don Porter, who runs the appliance and furniture store in town, opened up his store for us on a Saturday night for us to pick out a fridge. We got one. It's bought and paid for. It'll be delivered on Tuesday morning.

I keep wondering how Mom would have coped if I hadn't been around this weekend. One sister's at Mamma Mia in Halifax tonight. The other one is... well, the other one. If not for me, Mom would have been up sheep creek. A little sad and a little sobering. I'm just glad it worked out for the best.

A very long day. Returning to the city tomorrow assuming I don't electrocute myself in the garage Sunday morning. That would be my luck, huh?


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