Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post 1458 – Christmas Tie 2010, Day Seven

Sometimes, necessity is the mother of invention.

I was having a hard time trying to find a venue for today’s Christmas DSCF4004tie photograph.  Nobody at work wanted to pose with me, all remarking that I was too handsome to be seen with them; and the weather wasn’t conducive to trekking around finding a suitable place.

Turns out Patricia was sick today, so she asked me to pick her up some Ginger Ale after work.  I cheerfully complied.  As I left the drugstore, I noticed the Christmas tree stand.  It’s right next to the drugstore, or, rather, right next to the fruit and vegetable stand that’s next to the drug store in my home of Timberlea.

The store’s been there for years.  I go in several time a month as it saves me the time and trouble to drive to Bayer’s Lake or Tantallon to pick up produce, which is always excellent.  The staff is friendly.  A previous owner used to live down the street from me.  The present ones also live close by.  I like it there a lot.  And they offer fresh pies there every day at a reasonable price.  I have been lobbying the people behind the Canada Food Guide to make pie a food group.  I remain confident that my initiative will be positively recognized.

I might be wrong.  If I am, they have Bevboy’s Blog business cards and can use the email address thereon to pounce on me.   But, I don’t recall seeing that particular Christmas tree lot next to Darren’s store before this year.  There has been one across the street.  There has been one up the street DSCF4005by the Tim Horton’s.  But I don’t recall seeing one next to Darren’s place until this year.

Mike Gatto works at the tree lot, and he was kind enough to take these pictures.  Darren is camera shy and is standing behind the tree, holding it up for me. 

I thank both gentlemen for taking time from their schedules to support me in this mission, which is to spread Christmas cheer via the 3rd annual Bevboy Christmas Tie Extravaganza!

More tomorrow.


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