Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post 1464 - Christmas Is When?

Had to rub my eyes this morning when I saw the calendar. Christmas is in a mere 6 days.

I am not ready. Can we postpone this thing for a while, please? Maybe not have it this year at all?

I am by no means in the Christmas mood this year. It will be my first Christmas without my father. That day was always important to Dad; he wanted everything to be perfect. If something about the holidays didn't go his way, he was inconsolable. I guess I learned that from him.

Without my father, Christmas will feel empty and purposeless. I don't want it to happen. But, when it does, I will just want it to be over.

Ubuntu continues to bedevil me. There are days when I like it a lot. This evening, however, I discovered that youtube videos no longer worked on my netbook. Tried to install a new version of Flash; no dice. I am guessing it was one of those automatic updates that ubuntu decided to present to me a week or so ago, and which I foolishly decided to do. Frigged up something for me. So, I'm trying lubuntu on it, but the installation is frozen for the last 30 minutes. I'm writing this blog post on my 10 year old laptop. Will try to decide what os to install on the netbook Monday night.

A short week for me. I work 3.5 days this week and won't be back to work until the 29th. Looking forward to a few days off.

Too bad one of them will be Christmas.


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