Monday, December 20, 2010

Post 1465 – Christmas Tie 2010, Day Eleven

Oh, this one is amazing! 


You may remember last year that Halifax Councillor Dawn Sloane took pictures of me last year standing atop old city hall.  Turns out that this place is now inaccessible even to Dawn Sloane; you need the express written permission of … somebody other than Dawn Sloane to get up there.  I made it just under the wire, ladies and gentlemen!  But, the memories.  I will always have the memories of December 9, 2009, when I had my picture taken on top of Halifax city hall.


So, this year, Dawn took me into the bowels of city hall to the old jail that was there, years and years ago.  We accessed this secret space via a locked nondescript door on Barrington Street.  You’ve walked past it a 1000 times and never noticed it, I’d wager.


Anyway, the remnants of the jail cells remain, and I stood in one, and took pictures of another. Extremely narrow, but quite deep, there would be little room therein for people.  You’d have to stand there, or lay down, and there would be a place to pee somewhere.



Turns out that city hall, many years ago, also housed the headquarters for the police.  The chief’s office was actually in that building.



Dawn also showed me some of the old benches once used by Halifax council.  Retired a few decades ago, I managed to get some pictures, and they’re here and on my facebook.


I am in the home stretch of this improbable journey, ladies and gentlemen.  Three more Christmas ties.  Three more locations.  Where will tomorrow’s be?  Tune in here and on my FB and find out!


Dawn, thanks so much for doing this for me!  See you next year.





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Dawn said...

Glad I could top the being on the top of City Hall!

Will have to think of another interesting one for next year!
All the best this Holiday Season to you and Patrica!