Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post 1470 - Christmas Tie 2010, Day Fourteen (of Fourteen!)

We have reached the end of our journey, ladies and gentlemen.

This year, I have travelled through obscure parts of Halifax city hall, stood by a nativity scene, visited a tree lot, and posed with more than a few friends.

I like to think I have saved the best for last.

This picture features little old me flanked by Darrin Harvey and Mel Sampson, both of K-Rock 89.3 in New Minas, Nova Scotia.  If only they carried Little Steven's Underground Garage, they would be the best station ever, but they're way the frig up there nonetheless.

Of course, I published a major interview with Mel this week.  She was a great delight to meet, and Patricia is smitten with Mel.  I am, too, but please don't tell either woman.  Do we have a  deal?

I interviewed Darrin about his career in 2009, and people are still reading it.  Please, if you want to read a fascinating interview with a guy who's had a 20+ year career in radio and who has met everyone, and knows everyone, then check out the Darrin Harvey interview.    You can thank me in the morning.

I thought it would be cool to merge the Bevboy Christmas Tie Extravaganza with my radio interviews, and Darrin and Mel were agreeable to my suggestion.  I am very grateful to them.

The Christmas tie thing started as a lark 2 years ago and has grown into something that I fear I cannot control.  People start asking me if I'll do it again starting in October.  I get comments throughout the year.      And, I get an idea of what it's like to be a girl as every morning I compare shirts and ties and find something that matches.  I was really proud of myself this morning when I realized that Santa's outfit on the tie matched the red n my shirt.  It was practically kismet.  I had to wear this combo!!

It's over for another year.  I want to thank my co-workers for mostly ignoring my sartorial liberties this month.  I wish to assure them all that I will go back to dressing like a box car hobo on the first work day after Christmas.  As a special bonus, I will not shave for at least the next week, either.  I figure by the 31st, the panhandlers on Barrington Street will be giving me money.  That's my goal.

I am visiting my mother and family for the next few days.  But fear not, effendi.  I will continue to write Bevboy's Blog posts every day.  And, as soon as I find out which member of The Fantastic Four dies, I will break that news here.  It's the least I can do for you, my gentle readers.

Good night, Gracie.


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