Friday, December 24, 2010

Post 1471 - The Day Before

Mom and I went shopping this morning to get some last-minute groceries. We had lunch in Port Williams at the Port Pub.

This afternoon I finished wrapping prezzies. Got visited by my sister and niece. The other sister came over and we had dinner.

This whole year since Dad died (died! I still think he's gonna call me and say hi) has been so crazy and rich with incident that it's hard to wrap my head around it. There are plenty of days when it's all I can do just to get through a work day. This certainly doesn't feel like Christmas.

I was surprised and delighted to be invited to a church service in Port Williams this evening. I will state now that I feel more of the holiday spirit now than just a few hours ago, but those feelings are diluted by the base alloy of knowing that I no longer have a father to share the holidays with.

I will get up early Christmas morning and open my presents. I will try to make the best of it. But I just want the 25th to be over. I want this year to be over.

I want my dad back.

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