Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post 1473 - The Day After

Thank God that's over.

It is the 26th, and I am back in the city.  Unfortunately, we don't return to work until Wednesday.   Two more days sitting around not feeling like doing anything.  Sigh.

We slept in.  When we did get up, we cooked breakfast and then spent the next couple of hours helping Mom with her new Christmas prezzies.  We bought her a new place setting, so that involved removing the old, ugly place setting and replacing that with the new one.  We took the old place setting, along with some  old drinking glasses Mom no longer wanted, and dropped them off at a local depot that accepts such things.

We left Mom's around 2:15 and visited my sister for an hour or so.  Heeding the upcoming storm, we left there around 4pm and drove here.  We got here just after 5.  Patricia's gone to get a pizza for dinner as I type these humble words.  They're always humble as you well know.

I'm just looking forward to a good rest after spending the last 3 days pretending to be in a good mood and being in the presence of a person whose temperament is off the scale.

Patricia and I still haven't exchanged presents yet.  Perhaps we will do that this evening.  It may improve my disposition.

Or maybe not.


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