Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post 1477 - One More Day To Go

Took a nap when I got home from work.

Tomorrow is the last day of the year.  I will be listing some New Year's Resolutions on Saturday.  But I am one day away from being able to state that I will have achieved a goal I set out for 2010.  Anybody wanna guess what that is?

I have been asking on my Facebook whether anybody knows who  "The Green Hornet" was.  She was the woman of loose morals who became infamous in The Annapolis Valley in the 1970's.  I am not asking for her name, just information about her.  Like, how she got the nickname.  If 12 year old's in my school at the time knew about her, then she must have been fairly well known.  I want to know a bit more,  please.

Guess that's it for tonight.



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Ken said...

I remember Wolfville's version of The Green Hornet, Bev. When she was roaming the streets I was a member of the Wolfville Volunteer Fire Department and whatever time of the day or night that we were called out, she was always on the street somewhere.

I don't remember her name, assuming I ever knew it in the first place, but I remember that she was skinny before anorexia was fashionable. I also remember that she was as homely as a hedge fence, had a face only a mother could love, a face that could stop a train - which is, perhaps, why the DAR stopped running. Who knows.

So, I can't shed much light on her, but yes, I do remember her and by that nickname, too!