Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post 1479 - New Year's Resolutions For 2011

Hello.  Once again, Happy New Year!

In years past, I would devise some new year's resolutions and share them with no one other than Patricia.  This year, I am sharing them with all Bevboy's Blog readers.  You're welcome.

1. Lose weight.  If you will take a look at the 2010 Christmas tie pictures, you'll see that I am a bit on the pudgy side.  This used not to be the case.  It is my fault, and nobody else's, that I haven't gone to the gym in several months.  That will be rectified this month. On top of that, I will eat better this year.  I want to drop... 25 pounds?  Is that do-able?  Let's find out.

2. Continue to update this blog at least once a day, every day in 2011.  I did it in 2010.  I can do it again this year.

3.  Get caught up on the blog interviews.  I have 3 interviews in various stages of production.  I haven't conducted an interview in 2 months.  I want to conduct a bunch more and keep up-to-date on them.  I can do it.  Sleep is not that important.

4. Learn to do things I have had trouble doing.   In some cases, these are things I have always struggled with.  Like, figure  out how to assemble one of those pre-fab pieces of furniture.  I will likely get my chance very soon.  My sister and brother-in-law have offered me their old computer desk.  It's partially disassembled.  I will be down there on Sunday for some estate business and returning on Monday.  I will be bringing back that desk with me.  The challenge will be putting it back together without wanting to kill myself or the people around me.  Yes, I find this kind of thing very frustrating!  Time to figure out how to do  this kind of thing because it's not like I can rely on my daddy any more.

5. Throw out some things I no longer need.  My dad was a real packrat, and I inherited that from him.  How bad is it?   Well, when I found some cassette tapes whose contents I wanted to digitize a year or so ago, I grabbed my old cassette player and deployed it for that purpose.  How old was it?  I bought it on December 31, 1984.  How did I know the date of purchase?  I had kept the receipt tucked in the box along with the player.  Yeah.  Kinda like that.

6.  Try not to let stupid things bother me.  Patricia and I were invited to a house party 2 doors up, last night.  We met many of our local neighbours.  The subject turned to how we liked living here.   I said I did, except for around 8:15 in the morning, when people dropped off their kids for the school behind my house.  Some of these people drive like lunatics as they whip around the corner; a few of them block my driveway or even park in my driveway.  I do not like these people or what they do, and I'm afraid I ranted about them a bit.  Much to my delight, several of the people within earshot joined in, expressing similar opinions.  At least one neighbour has called the police on them, and the police have issued tickets to some of these dumbkopfs.   That's all well and good, but it's not good for one's mental health to go on and on about these people, is it?  In 2011: Try not to let stupid people doing stupid things bother me.

I guess that's it for now, folks.  There is a NewYear tag on this post.  I invite you all to check out this post whenever you want.  I will report back here from time to time to let you know how I'm making out. Feel free to ask me any time you want to, and I will also update.

See you tomorrow!


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