Monday, January 3, 2011

Post 1481 - An Interesting Challenge

So, I type these always-humble words from my home office.  I have 2 computers here.  The "main" one, I got almost exactly 2 years ago.  It is an HP slim line pavillon, a half-height desktop that works very well.  It has 2 gb of ram and a 500gb hard drive that I will never fill.  That is, it works very well, considering the fact that it runs Vista and attempts to do updates nearly every day.  There are days when it takes 15 minutes to reach the log in screen once I turn the thing on.  Not the computer's fault.  It's Vista.

I am typing this on my alternate desktop computer, which I got from kijiji last Winter for 50 dollars.  It had 256mb of ram and a 30 gb hard drive.  Not much memory; not much space.  I added 1gb of ram to it soon afterward and have kept installing various version of ubuntu ever since, and the computer runs very well.  It has a multi disc and even a 3.5" floppy drive, which I use the odd time.  I use this computer more than I do the HP because I just like it.  It is fast and fun to use and cost me very little.

I keep this computer on an old table.  I place the keyboard on my lap when I type, and I lean backward in my desk chair, and the monitor is at eye-level.  I'm happy.

During the holidays, my sister and brother-in-law offered me their old computer desk.  It is a nice one, and I gratefully accepted it.    In order to accommodate the new desk, I would have to get rid of this table, which I got from my late uncle Harry in 1989 and which I kept in my old apartment and brought here when I bought my house, placing it in my home office, where it has been ever since.  It's got a lot of stuff on it.  Newbie likes to rest in a box next to the computer.

It's going into the garbage.

The box.  Not Newbie.  I love the little guy.

Over the next few days, I'll be throwing out a ton of stuff  in this room.  It has become full of things I no longer need.  This is all in an effort to try to simplify my life and to make room for this wonderful new desk.

Glenda showed it to me this afternoon.  It's been partially disassembled, but they have assured me that this will be easy to re-assemble.   As I have written before, my level of patience for such things is limited.

It is my hope that Patricia and I will be able to put the desk back together in such a way that there will be no parts left over, my nerves remain relatively non-jangled,  and everything still works.  If I pull out the keyboard tray, I don't want the left shelf to fall off.  If I open the door to access the computer tower, I don't want the back to disintegrate.   If I close the drawer on the left hand side, I don't want the non-existent drawer on the right hand side to appear out of the ether and chomp off my doin's.  You get the idea.

I really want this desk, as it will replace this really old table; but I remain skeptical at my ability to re-assemble it without killing everyone within a 4 block radius of my house.  Do join me in this quest, won't you?  Do wish me luck in this venture.

I need it!



Rob Wolfe said...

There is a 15 yr old girl in Dartmouth that is very good at putting those things together if you get stuck. She assembled mine for me.

No, I have no idea where she got her skills because i sure as hell have none.

Bevboy said...

Rob, I may very well take you up on it. I have been getting offers from people to help me put it together and to avoid the mass genocide that would result from my frustration upon attempting to put it together myself.

I can program computers. I can fiddle and fart around with many things. But assembling this type of furniture is an impossibility to me. I don't know why. It just is.

Talk to your daughter and ask her about her availability 2 weekends hence.



Glenda said...

we just might be convinced to deliver and help you set it up :)