Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post 1483 - Ripping and Writing

I have spent the last couple of hours here in my home office ripping cd's.  This is all a part, a small part, of preparing this home office for a massive re-org to take place mostly over the weekend.   Lots of things that have been here for years will go bye-bye.  Looking forward to it.

Have also spent time this evening transcribing more of the LB interview.  Just 3 audio files left.  Darn me for taking so long to finish this interview.  I am tentatively lining up another interview for  a week or so from now.  Two more interviews remain on my digital voice recorder, and I still have to chip away at those.  Not complaining.  Just explaining is all.

I got a new-to-me external cd drive yesterday through kijiji.  Every computer in my possession or control has a cd or dvd player.  4 of them let me burn discs.  One doesn't.   That left my netbook.  When installing a new version of ubuntu, I'd have to copy the iso image from a downloaded iso to a usb drive.  The problem there is that there is a bug in the new ubuntu that doesn't allow me to create bootable usb drives properly.  Frustrating.

I decided to get around the middleman and get a cheap external cd drive.  A guy was selling one for 20 bucks, so I got it.  It just finds it when I boot the netbook with the drive turned on and plugged into a usb drive.  I successfully loaded puppy linux on the netbook last evening.  I'm happy.  I don't have to sacrifice a usb drive any more.

Been a long day.  Think I'll turn in.



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