Friday, January 7, 2011

Post 1485 - The Final Night

Here's a picture of Newbie.

He's in the box  he has used for a couple of years, here in my home office.  I keep it next to my cheap ass desktop computer.  He likes to sit in the box and look down at me as I type away.  This evening, as I entered the office, he was already there.

The sad thing is, he won't have the box much longer.

Tomorrow, maybe Sunday at the latest, I will be ripping through this room and throwing out a ton o'stuff.  Among that stuff will be this box.

Not sure how he'll react to this loss.  He loves this box.  He often sleeps in it when I'm at work.   One time, a couple of years ago, my father and I returned to the house as we needed to buy something from a local Rona store.  I ran into this room, and there was Newbie, in his box, looking up at me with a What-the-Hell-are-you-doing-here look.  He's been in it this evening for several hours.  Perhaps I'll drag one of his scratching posts into this room.  It's nice and tall and it is even taller than he can achieve currently.  I hope he likes it.

Oh, by the way: Yes, that's a book behind Newbie about the beers of the world.  Anybody reading this want it, for free?  Just let me know.  I offer you these things because I love you so very much!

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Ken said...

Hold it, you're throwing out Newbie's favourite box? What has that poor box ever done to you to deserve such disregard?? And how would you feel if a giant cat came into the house and threw out your bed???

Poor Newbie may never be quite the same. The feline therapy that will be required will bankrupt you.

So... wait... if you're going to be bankrupt, I guess you won't have a nice, warm, comfy bed for that giant cat to throw out. So forget I asked.

But poor Newbie. His favourite box will be nothing but a memory....

Remember to keep the relationship in perspective: Dogs have owners, cats have staff. That would be you. Staff are expendable.