Saturday, January 8, 2011

Post 1486 - The Latest News

Spent many hours today, here in my home office, throwing stuff into garbage bags  Yes, there was that much stuff.   Within a few days, I'll forget what most of that crap was.

Things that had my name on them will be shredded.  To the people at work who read these posts: You can find me in the supply room during lunch hours in the coming week, hovering over the big shredder.  Don't forget to drop by and say hello.

It's been posted so I can now make it official.  My father's rental property is on the market.  The reasons for doing this will remain with the executors, and in the immediate family.   Yes, Mom knows.  We have no plans to discuss those reasons with anyone, so please don't ask.  Just because you're my uncle or aunt by marriage or  cousin, doesn't mean I'm gonna tell you the why's and wherefores.  But you can be assured that we have our good reasons for doing this, and you'll just have to accept that.  That this decision affects my other sister is an unfortunate by product of this decision, but she ultimately agrees with it and is moving on, as we all are.

It's a little sad to see this house leave the family after 41 years, but nothing can last forever.  My father built... what, a few dozen homes during his career?   It's not like we can drive down the road and see one of those houses and expect to enter it and look around whenever we want.  It will be the same way with this house once it's sold, which we we all expect will be sooner rather than later.  I do plan to go into that house at least one more time to get some pictures and say goodbye to it.

If you want to see the house, go to this website  and enter this MLS #: 55024665 .  I cannot provide the direct link because you have to accept the disclaimer before you can go to the website proper.   Sorry about that, but you should be able to get there within a matter of seconds.  

It's a nice house, offered for a competitive price, and we all expect that it will be snapped up quickly.  

Check it out.  Maybe you will want to move to Port Williams.  You could do far worse than the house that my daddy built.


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