Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post 1487 - A Sense Of Accomplishment

I spent many, many hours this weekend throwing out and organizing my home office. The old table I kept my now-disconnected old desktop computer on has itself been disconnected.  I removed the legs and pulled out the leaf, and if you know someone who wants a 40 year old formica table, then he can have it for nothing.

I moved my writing desk, which my father constructed for me quite a few years ago (ingeniously, I might add) to the other side of the office.  The space where the writing desk was is where the new computer desk is gonna go.  I may have that as soon as this coming weekend.   I can hardly wait.  I will keep the older desktop computer disassembled until the new desk arrives and has been put together.

I have had several offers to assemble the desk.  I am not that proud a man that I wouldn't accept assistance. The price of my mental health, my very sanity, is reasonable enough that any help putting something like a desk together would be gratefully accepted.

Back to work in the morning.  Yay.


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