Thursday, January 13, 2011

Post 1492 - My Weekend Is Here!

I'm lucky enough to have every 3rd Friday off work.  That Friday is tomorrow.  

I have had this situation for quite a few years now.  I do not take it for granted.  However, I sure have become accustomed to this long weekends.  I use them for running errands, or for an extra day at the cottage, or for running down to my mother's for the weekend, which is happening tomorrow.

I was gonna drive down this evening, but decided to leave early tomorrow as I am too bushed to go down tonight.

Mom has plenty of plans for me.  She has worked it all out.   Go here.  Go there.   Go everywhere.  Twice.  Those plans start tomorrow morning before I even arrive at my mother's.  It will just be a taste for what's in store for me.

I think it will be this weekend when I can get that computer desk.  I am praying that Patricia and I will be able to assemble the thing without killing each other.  Hopeful.   Not confident.

The home office is ready for it.

I am ready for it.

But are my nerves ready for it?


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