Saturday, January 15, 2011

Post 1495 - A Respite

I am writing these always-humble words around 1:25 pm at the Port Williams library.  Once again, I am on my netbook computer.  The place closes at 2pm.

My mother and I have finished shopping for the day.   These words are shocking to me, as Mom loves to shop.  We have, on many occasions, left the house on a Saturday morning and not returned until late afternoon.  Today, however, she is tired and decided that after the drugstore  and the bulk place and the grocery store, and lunch at the Old Gummer's restaurant, that she was fine to return home.  Like I said, I'm shocked.

Once this place closes, I'll return to Mom's and have a rest myself.  I'm still cold and a bit tired from listening to the Q104 "Money for Nothing" marathon from last night.  It was as cold as you might imagine a Nova Scotia winter to be.  And, given that it's a fairly rural part of the province, there was a surprising amount of traffic at that hour of the evening.

I bought that old laptop a few months ago with the thinking that I could use it for the blog interviews.  That's about all it's good for, I'm afraid.  I had it here last evening because I wanted to use the dropbox process to synchronize the files on the laptop with my other computers.  The computer crashed a couple of times, and now I'm getting some funny results.  It's mostly "corrupted versions of files" errors, probably caused by the multiple crashes that computer experience last evenin.  I think I may just use that old computer for word processing when I'm at my mother's and not bother with the dropbox app at all.  Too bad, but that's life.

I have had a bit more contact with the man from the company that produces audio mixers for radio stations..  He has asked me to send him some higher res versions of the pictures that are in the Tom Bedell interview.  I will do that when I am back in the city tomorrow.   I think this is gonna happen!!

Think I'll call it a blog post and go back to Mom's.


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