Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Post 1498 - Yikes!

These humble words are written at my original computer desk, on the "good" desktop computer, the one I got 2 years ago.  The other desktop computer is on the floor, next to the computer desk that has to be assembled.

I was looking at the pieces earlier this evening.  My frig, my hat is off to people who can assemble much of anything.  I can't make hide or tail of it.  Some pieces, it's obvious what they do.  But, then I see another piece that looks like a piece that I was sure did something, and I become confused again.

Would it help to be drunk when I tried to assemble the disparage pieces?  Do I have to hit the sauce or something, just to take the edge and frustration off this process?

Glenda?  Eric?  Help!!


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